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new user authentication


I can't seem to find documentation stating exactly how to authenticate against OpenLDAP using a user account I just created. I'm trying to authenticate using my own ldap client that I developed so using that I keep getting the error 49 regarding invalid credentials despite using cn=user1,dc=mydomain,dc=com as the dn and "abcdef" as the password. If I use ldapsearch on the commandline in linux and attempt to do a search and authenticate then ldapsearch wants to keep using the user that I'm logged in as for the user to authenticate to ldap with (which isn't right since I'm specifying the same user mentioned above along with the password) and doing that I get an error 80 "user not found: no secret in database"

The command line I use for that is:
ldapsearch -b dc=mydomain,dc=com -D cn=user3,dc=mydomain,dc=com -w abcdef objectclass=* 1.1

Do I need to do anything with slapd.conf?  I'm not sure what else to try.
Any pointers?