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Re: Problem when insert and modify entry with many attribute

Consider one or more of the following:

You've got "dbnosync" (and "dirtyread") so your BDB installation isn't ACID. So you're running "rm" and starting from scratch after every one of these failures, right? And I assume you're consciously deciding to reload the database on every failure. You better take out dbnosync if that's not your plan.

You can add more locks in your DB_CONFIG file. What is your DB_CONFIG file? You don't mention one.

Does your db4.2.52 have the four official Sleepycat patches?

You don't write what your suffix is. If it's "", you could be running into ITS#4552. Upgrading to 2.3.24 is a good idea; see the changelog as there has been work on bdb/hdb. There are a couple patches to bdb/hdb in HEAD that you might want to look into as well.

Assuming you have enough locks configured, "Cannot allocate memory"--are you actually running out of RAM?