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Problem with Limits in slapd.conf


I am using slapd debian package 2.3.24-1 on amd64 etch.

I have tried using the limits command to allow for queries past 500.

when I tried using ldapsearch -x -b "<basedn>" I recieved an error 4
sizelimit when it tried to retrieve record #4.

I wanted to raise the limit but only for certain users so I used

limits dn.exact="cn=Global Address Book Admin,ou=Roles,dc=samad,dc=com,dc=au" size=1000
limits dn.subtree="dc=samad,dc=com,dc=au" size=1000
limits users  size=1000

I tried each one seperately and with size.soft size.hard and values of
unlimited and 0 and -1

but I kept getting the same error.

Just for testing I tried sizelimits 1000 and it all worked

I have placed these commands after the schema includes, I have tried
placing them in the backend section but that raised an error 


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