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Re: Specify a URI with multiple servers?

On Tue, 18 Jul 2006, Andrew E wrote:

> ldapuri: "<space>ldap://badserver:389 <tab here> ldap://goodserver:389
> <spaces>"
> outcome: error (-9): Bad parameter to an ldap routine
> My best guess is that the config file I was using had tabs in it between 
> server names.
> Although this is no big deal (I can search/replace the string before 
> giving to the OpenLDAP API), is it correct that only spaces can separate 
> the URL?

This would seem to be the case.  In libraries/libldap/url.c we see:

ldap_url_parselist (LDAPURLDesc **ludlist, const char *url )
    return ldap_url_parselist_int( ludlist, url, ", ", ldap_url_parse );

So it looks like spaces (not tabs) and commas can separate them.  If you 
want tabs as well (and there might be a reason why they're disallowed) 
you'll need to file an ITS.

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