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Re: ACLs with ip control

aubert@iut-bm.univ-fcomte.fr wrote:
> I omitted a detail : it works fine if the command is used with an
> authenticated user.
> -- 
> Emmanuel Aubert
> Quoting Aaron Richton <richton@nbcs.rutgers.edu>:
>>>   ==> by anonymous peername.ip= read
>> I don't think that's valid syntax because you have two <who> clauses,
>> anonymous and peername.ip. Try only
>>     by peername.ip=" read"
>> without "anonymous". I'd expect something like this to show up on
>> "slaptest -d acl". If you want additive "anonymous and peername.ip"
>> behavior see "<control>" directives.
>> I didn't read the ACLs thoroughly to see if they'd work with this
>> change, but it's a starting point...
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are there any other acl(s) ahed of or prior to  to the IP acl that might be blocking access?  ordering is very important.