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Re: Regarding access control

I'm using openldap-2.0.27-8 (which comes along with RedHat 9). I'm trying to

You're using historic software with known bugs; that's a big mistake if you care about data integrity and reliability. You'd be well advised to look into the latest OpenLDAP version.

access to * by peername=10.6.21.* write

To get what it appears you desire, you likely want <style> of regex. See http://www.openldap.org/lists/openldap-software/200401/msg00170.html for example.

If you follow the advice of upgrading to the latest OpenLDAP version, you can use


which likely will result in performance improvements (no need to run the regex engine on everything). This is (a very small) one of the hundreds of enhancements available since 2.0.