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Re: ppolicy: quick "./configure" question

Scott Campbell wrote:
Hey everyone,

Thanks in advance for any help.

I am trying to get ppolicy working, so I am trying
everything from scratch again (kind of a newbie at all
of this).  For the beginning, I am trying to lock down
my ./configure flags.

When building OpenLDAP 2.3.24 to include ppolicy and
get it working with as little headache as possible, do
I need to run configure with ...
./configure ... --enable-overlays=yes
--enable-ppolicy=yes ...

If you would simply read the output of "./configure --help" you'd see: SLAPD Overlay Options: --enable-overlays enable all available overlays no|yes|mod

So when you use "--enable-overlays" you get them all, you don't need to individually enable any others. If you only want a specific overlay, then you don't need the "--enable-overlays" option.

Secondly, when I write the lines in slapd.conf, do I
need to include the module lines for ppolicy? Or do I
simply need to include the overlay lines?

You only need the module directives if you actually configured with --enable-modules and selected "mod" as the enable mode for the particular option. (E.g., --enable-ppolicy=mod) Otherwise, the feature is statically linked in the slapd binary and no module directive is needed.

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