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Re: HDB Production Usage

Mark Mcdonald wrote:
We are currently in the process of planning a similar upgrade from the oh-so-evil LDBM at the moment, and I have recommended using BDB as a backend.  I did look into HDB, and while it looks better than BDB on all fronts [1], I did not recommend it's usage simply on the basis that it's considered 'experimental' [2].

My question to the list is: What are you experiences with HDB? Is it still experimental? Has anyone used it for an extended period of time in a production environment? Is there a roadmap anywhere outlining when it's expected to be stable?

I guess the FAQ ought to be updated; back-hdb's basic design stabilized a couple years ago, in the 2.2 release. It is enabled by default in OpenLDAP 2.3 because it is considered production level.

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