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Re: updates to userPassword, slap_passwd

At 11:22 AM 7/5/2006, samuel gipe wrote:

>Below are two snippets from slapd.log that correspond to changes of an entry's 
>userPassword.  One log shows the server using slap_passwd_generate, where the
>other does not.  Can anyone let me know what would cause the difference in the
>logs below, please?

In the first case, it seems the client provided
a userIdentity and new password.  In the second case,
it seems the client provided no userIdentity and no
new password.  Hence the behavior difference in the

>Even an indication of whether my problem lies in the
>server or client configurations would help.

It seems you expected the clients to have made equivalent
requests.  As they haven't, it seems you have some sort of
client side issue.

-- Kurt