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ldapsearch issue with rootpw.

I have been fighting and issue (non-issuse??) for awhile now.  I am
attempting to issue the following command

#ldapsearch -x -LLL -w secret "objectclass=*"

I continue to get the error
ldap_bind: Invalid credentials (49).  I have check over the slapd config
file rootpw and tested with

rootpw  set to

rootpw  secret



where the XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX is the passwd generated by slappasswd for "secret"

after restarting the daemon I still get the same error..... HOWEVER if I
just do a

#ldapsearch -x -LLL -w ""  "objectclass=*"

I get output.....

Is this a non issue??? what am I not getting here.  I thought the rootdn
should be able to read everything??

here is a copy of my slapd.conf file,  is there any other file that I should
send that would help Id the problems???


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