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Re: Configure options for portable install

strings -a on a stripped slapd shows only a few paths so far as I can tell:

default location of slapd.d, overridable with "-F"
default location of slapd.conf, overridable with "-f"
default location of "ldapi" socket, overridable with "-h"
default location of openldap-data directory, overridable with "directory"

It seems to me that all of them are easily overcome--the only default I
stick with is the location of slapd.conf. Surely you'd be better off
carefully writing your init script and/or slapd configuration than working
to modify the slapd defaults?

On Mon, 3 Jul 2006, Peter DSouza wrote:
> By default, the configure->make->make install steps create a
> distribution with the absolute prefix path (specified by -prefix) burnt
> into many of the binaries.  Is there a way to configure the software so
> that the generated openldap system can be easily copied to and run on
> another machine (after modifying the conf files), without needing to run
> the same series of steps again?   The location where this distribution
> could be copied to would vary from machine to machine.