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Re: Problem with searches transgressing suffixmassage-d suffix

> We have a weird legacy DIT which is going to be migrated to a new more
> organised structure by an ongoing project.
> In the meantime, we are deploying provisioning tools which we would prefer
> not
> to modify at the time of the migration.
> So, back-relay seems to be the obvious solution (provision to the final
> structure, rewrite with back-relay into the old structure).
> So, I have added a new database on one of our dev servers:
> database        relay
> suffix          "cn=webmail,cn=mail,ou=isp"
> subordinate
> relay           cn=webmail,ou=mail,dc=isp massage
> rootdn          <rootdn>
> There is a bdb database that holds cn=mail,ou=isp (the legacy basedn).
> That works great, searches on cn=webmail,cn=mail,ou=isp returns an entry I
> added under cn=webmail,ou=mail,dc=isp ... except that the first search on
> the
> cn=mail,ou=isp suffix kills the relay. Any other search which should find
> anything under cn=webmail,cn=mail,ou=isp returns error 32.
> I've also tried replacing the relay database with a configurations
> using "database meta" and "database ldap" with rwm-suffixmassage, and they
> do
> the same thing.
> It seems I must be missing something here ...

I suggest you try to design a solution where you don't need the relay
backend to be subordinate to anything.  I suspect some strange interaction
between slapo-glue and back-relay.

If you can come up with an essential configuration + dataset that
reproduces the problem, I suggest you file an ITS; tis could help
back-relay stabilization.


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