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Re: my ldap hangup every time I used slapcat

On Monday 26 June 2006 10:30, Magnus Morén wrote:

> Questions:
> 1)  Anyone knows why it is that RedHat sticks to and old version of
> OpenLDAP if there are known bugs in it. They usually do a great job with
> most of their other software.

It seems the RH has OpenLDAP in the distribution mainly for the library. In my 
experience, RH can't support OpenLDAP. Representatives from RH have stated 
that OpenLDAP can't scale beyond 30 000 entries (this sounds suspiciously 
like they're running without a DB_CONFIG file), yet we have over 600 000 
entries in our bigger production deployment (and soon to be near 1 million).

> 2)  If I want to run a more up-to-date version. Any suggestions?
>     - build from source   or

Don't waste your time, you will be upgrading OpenLDAP quite often. Using RPMs 
will make this a lot easier.

>     - http://anorien.warwick.ac.uk/mirrors/buchan/rhel4/openldap/   or

Well ... I used to maintain packages of OpenLDAP for RH based on the RH/Fedora 
packages, but as I am also the maintainer for Mandriva, it became too much 
effort to maintain two sets of packages, so I made the Mandriva packages 
build on RedHat. While Mandriva will not support them used on RH, and it 
would be unethical to use Mandriva's infrastructure to support their use 
under RH, I do support them, and keep them relatively up-to-date.

>     - other recommended rpm repository

I'm not aware of any other repositories which ship OpenLDAP packages I would 
consider running, which is why I started publishing the packages we use in 

However, if you require a commercially supported packaging of OpenLDAP, CDS is 
probably a better way to go.


Buchan Milne
ISP Systems Specialist

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