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Re: my ldap hangup every time I used slapcat

Magnus Morén wrote:
Mohamed AR wrote:
hey all
I build a good ldap with bdb but after about 3 months I notice that the bdb
crashed or had something wrong I didn't know what is happen
when I run slapd in debug mode nothing appear after bdb initiated
and still without response
and I discovered that may happened after slapcat for example

I have noticed similar hangs in the database after slapcat if the slapcat command was interrupted with a ctrl-C. I think there could be stale locks that prevents further access.

I solved my problem with a db_recover and learned not to ctrl-C a
slapcat command ;-)

That bug (ITS#3764) was fixed in June 2005, releases 2.2.27 and 2.3.4. You're obviously running something too old.

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