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Re: SyncRepl limitations

On Thu, 22 Jun 2006, Mark Mcdonald wrote:

> I'm currently writing a report to justify to the powers above that we 
> should upgrade OpenLDAP and move to SyncRepl from slurpd.

You'll be glad you did (upgraded, I mean).  If your version of OpenLDAP is 
< 2.3.20 or so you should *definitely* upgrade.

> * Using SyncRepl, what are the time limitations as far as slave 
> refreshing goes?  i.e. master & slave are in sync at the moment, can I 
> switch off the slave and turn it on a week later and retrieve all adds, 
> updates & deletes that occurred in the week or is there a 24hr limit?  
> If there's a limit, is it configurable?

It'll keep trying; if there is a limit I haven't noticed it.

> * Again using SyncRepl, is it possible to create a slave from an empty 
> DB?  I.e. I create a new slave with an empty DB, can I just start it and 
> let syncrepl send the entire contents of the database over the wire?  I 
> understand this is a great way to congest the network in practice, but 
> I'm only interested in theory at the moment.

Yep, and it's fun to watch :-)

> If these aren't possible using syncrepl out-of-the-box then does anyone 
> know any other mechanisms for achieving these goals?

It takes a bit of setting up, but it's worth it.

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