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Re: Chaining or Referral

At 04:03 PM 6/14/2006, David Damon wrote:
>My company was bought out by another company and both companies maintain 
>an OpenLDAP server for address and E-mail look-ups. We are not in full 
>swing with merging the two companies together, but I have been tasked with 
>providing an infrastructure for creating ldif deltas to both companies for 
>their servers. With that said here is what I have done so far.
>I have a virtual Linux SUSE 9.0 server running on an IBM 390 mainframe. 
>The OpenLDAP package that is installed is openldap2-2.2.6-37.19 (upgrading 
>to the latest stable release, though desirable, is out of the question). 
>I'm using BDB as the back-end. I have cyrus-sasl-2.1.18-33.1 packages 
>installed. I have been able to create two database trees running under one 
>slapd. I am not able to query both trees using ldapsearch(1). I can only 
>query one or the other depending on the settings in my ldap.conf file.
>Here is the questions: Should I create a superior tree (third database) 
>and chain all of them together using the superior tree? or Should I create 
>a referral from one tree to the other? or Is there an even better solution 
>and what is it?

You can, if you like, create a superior database and add
subordinate referral objects that point to your subordinate
tree.   By default, slapd(8) will return referrals to a client
that searches the from the superior into the subordinate
databases.  If you rather the server chase them, you can glue
the databases together, use the chain overlay, etc..

Alternatively, if you like, to creating a superior database,
you could create referrals objects which point sidewise
between your existing databases.  As with the above, the
default would be the server to return referrals.  If you
rather the server chase them, use the chaining overlay.

I used the phrase "if you like" above as the choice of
how to lay out your directory is yours.  The above is
only intended to provide some information about slapd(8)
handling of multiple databases, referrals, and the
like so that you can make an educated decision.