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Re: Bind dn connection

At 09:36 AM 6/14/2006, Prachi Sonalkar wrote:
>Following up on the same issue, is it possible that I
>can have more than one bind dns configured?
>Currently in slapd.conf, I have my rootdn as
>"cn=Manager, dc=company, dc=com".
>Can I add another dn that can be used for

While you can only have one rootdn per database,
a database can hold numerous objects representing
identity (and holding credential information) which
the client could authentication as and act as.  And,
of course, the client could also authenticate using
information not held in the directory (through SASL).

For LDAP simple DN/password authentication, the
object should not only contain a userPassword attribute
with the password, the access controls must allow
"anonymous" to have "auth" access to the userPassword
attribute.  This is discussed in the Admin Guide,
the FAQ, the archives, and various other places.