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Re: Re : Trace the change on the directory

What makes you think that the "overlay unique" will trace changes in the

What makes you think that "/usr/local/openLdap2.3.18/trace" will do
anything whatsoever in slapd.conf? If you read the slapo-auditlog man
page, you will see that there is a named configuration option; a file name
sitting by itself is useless in slapd.conf.

Perhaps the slapo-auditlog could stand for a minor revision: "the overlay
directive" refers to "overlay auditlog" in slapd.conf, not "overlay
unique" nor any other "overlay" directives you may have floating around.
As a rule, slapo-$FOO refers to "overlay $FOO" in slapd.conf.

On Tue, 13 Jun 2006, Eudes Leducq wrote:

> I have read the manpage, and i added this line to my slapd.conf file:
> /usr/local/openLdap2.3.18/trace
> after overlay unique directive and before any database configuration
> parameters.
> my server start without problem, but i have any trace, my log file is empty.