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Re: lber_types.h : file is missing

On Wednesday 07 June 2006 12:53, Nicolas Martin wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> I am trying to make my freeradius server v1.1.2 work with OpenLDAP
> 2.3.20 (and 2.3.24 since today !).

Why not just install libfreeradius1-ldap from contrib? Or, do you need a 
specific version of freeradius?

> But I always have the same error when configuring :
> file "lber_types.h" included in "lber.h", itself included in "ldap.h"
> is missing.
> The problem does come from openldap, as the file does not exist, and
> thus, prevents me from compiling freeradius.
> I have a "lber_types.hin" file in the same directory but renaming
> this file in ".h" does not seem to solve the problem ...
> There were a couple a topics about this problem in the archives, but
> absolutely no answer.
> So any idea of what I can do ? Is there any ways to get this file ?
> Any clue ?
> (note: my linux is a Mandrake 10.2)

The best option may be to rebuild the current openldap srpm from cooker, 
remove your libldap2.2_7-devel package, install libldap2.3_0-devel from the 
resulting binaries, and build against that. If you *really* need to build 
everything against the same version as your LDAP server (which is not 
necessary, and may complicate matters later, since many other libraries will 
be built against 2.2.x).

Anyway, all this would be a whole lot easier on 2006 ....


(OpenLDAP maintainer for Mandriva)

Buchan Milne
ISP Systems Specialist

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