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lber_types.h : file is missing

Hello everyone,

I am trying to make my freeradius server v1.1.2 work with OpenLDAP 
2.3.20 (and 2.3.24 since today !).

But I always have the same error when configuring : 
file "lber_types.h" included in "lber.h", itself included in "ldap.h" 
is missing.

The problem does come from openldap, as the file does not exist, and 
thus, prevents me from compiling freeradius.

I have a "lber_types.hin" file in the same directory but renaming 
this file in ".h" does not seem to solve the problem ...

There were a couple a topics about this problem in the archives, but 
absolutely no answer.

So any idea of what I can do ? Is there any ways to get this file ? 
Any clue ?

(note: my linux is a Mandrake 10.2)

Thanks a lot,


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