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Re: Brief syncrepl question

Michael L Torrie wrote:
I am pretty sure the answer to this question is, no, but I haven't
managed to find any definitive answer on google yet. The question is
can I use syncrepl to sync openldap 2.2 and openldap 2.3 servers against
an openldap 2.1.x master server? Unfortunately at the moment my Apple
openldap server is restricted to openldap 2.1 (Panther Server) but I
have a cluster of linux servers that I'd like to keep synced (the
schemas on the Apple have been setup to be the exact same as my linux
"LDAP Sync"-based replication was added in 2.2. There is no notion of it in 2.1, the only way to replicate from a 2.1 master is using slurpd.

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