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Re: OpenLDAP and MySQL

On Wed, 2006-05-24 at 21:03 -0400, Russell Handorf wrote:
> I was hoping to avoid a plugin script, but something like that is what 
> I've just started. I am coming across a constant core dump right now 
> from slapd with mysql support. As far as I can tell, the support can 
> only *read* from mysql. Whenever any of the other tests happen, they 
> fail. Only read passes.

sql-test001 is a read-only test, unless you explicitly enable write.  So
there seems to be some concurrency issue somewhere along the path.

MySQL support can write, but you need to:

- add rules that instruct it about how to write data, by adding
appropriate metainformation in the ldap_oc_mappings and

- enable write in the tests

The reason the tests for MySQL don't include writing is that MySQL
doesn't support stored procedures (or at least it didn't at the time the
tests were written).  Stored procedures are required for complex
operations, mainly the addition and the deletion of an entry.

Could you produce any info about the cores you experience, for example
following instructions at


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