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Re: OpenLDAP and MySQL

> Thanks again! I'll check to see if there are any core dumps or not in a
> little bit. I do know that mysql isnt "supported" which is why I really
> appreciate everyone's help and comments when they come :) I really am
> grateful for the help; this is why I'm being verbose about it so that
> all the little steps I am doing are logged so that if someone else ever
> has a similar problem, hopefully this would be helpful to/for them as
> well.
> Just as a quick bit of history, MySQL support is necessary because of
> our MTA. All the user accounts and related settings are currently being
> stored in this system for email auth. Currently, users have to maintain
> 2 passwords (fugly), and I'd like to centralize this. Unfortunately, to
> move the mail server to LDAP auth would be far more of a complicated
> project than testing out a MySQL auth'd back end. Maybe i'm trying to
> use the wrong tool for the job, but this is the approach I was looking
> to use (MySQL for back end to keep mail services uninterrupted, yet
> passwords synced).

If __all__ you need is LDAP bind because your MTA wants to bind via LDAP
and your user's data is in MySQL, then it __should__ be possible to get
something working using SASL binds, if they're supported by your MTA, and
using saslauthd to directly query the SQL database, without any mapping of
users onto the DSA (in fact, users will not eben be in the DSA, you won't
need a database).  As per how to set up SASL to do this, apart from the
LDAP bit of configuring slapd, the rest may be more proficiently discussed
on a SASL-related mailing list.

Of course, if you need to access any of the above account data via LDAP,
you'll better keep working at back-sql; the above may still be an option
if it saves you the bind portion of back-sql.


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