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Re: What indexes are allowed? [auf Viren überprüft]


Pierangelo Masarati schrieb:

The matching rules exist, and "homePostalAddress" has them noted as EQUALITY and SUBSTR matching rules. However, they're not
implemented. If you look at servers/slapd/schema_init.c, you'll
notice that (this is re2.3, but the same occurs in HEAD):
I think, we should add a hint to the Administrator's Guide / faq-o-matic, that

a) One can only set index-types, which are defined in the schema.
b) One can only use index-types, which use the implemented matching rules.

So the hint should be something like this:
"You can't use indexes on attributes, that require one of the following matching rules (defined in the schema):
- caseIgnoreListMatch
- caseIgnoreListSubstringsMatch

E.g. for attribute homePostalAddress in cosine.schema index eq and sub cannot be set.
attributetype ( 0.9.2342.19200300.100.1.39 NAME 'homePostalAddress'
DESC 'RFC1274: home postal address'
EQUALITY caseIgnoreListMatch
SUBSTR caseIgnoreListSubstringsMatch

Please correct me, of I'm wrong.

i.e. there's no match function associated to the matching rules; as
such, matching on those values is not implemented.
Are there other matching rules, that are not implemented?

Concerning the reason, I believe it's because there's never been any
real push to implement them.  Feel free to contribute a patch (thru
the ITS <http://www.openldap.org/its/> and conforming to the
contribution guidelines
I'm not a developer, so I think  I won't write a patch.

Can I - as a work around - change the schema to use other (similar) matching rules to get a working index?