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proxycache of a TLS enable server

I have a server with the TLS* variable defined in slapd.conf. Everything
works OK with the clients. But now, I added a cluster to my network (Cray XD1). In the initial setup, I pointed the system to the LDAP server, the system creates a proxycache server for the nodes and everything seem to work OK. The only problem is when a user need to change is password, it doesn't work. The user gets:

LDAP password information update failed: Can't contact LDAP server
modifications require authentication

I can't seem to find the documentation to setup the certificates between a server and a proxycache server. Any hints?

-- Richard Lefebvre, Sys-admin, RQCHP, (514)343-6111 x5313 "Don't Panic" Richard.Lefebvre(@AROBAS)rqchp.qc.ca -- THGTTG