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Re: Can't make slurp replication work

On Thursday 04 May 2006 00:27, Andres Tarallo wrote:
> I'm working with OpenLDAP 2.2.27 under SuSE 10, with th RPMs provided by
> SuSE.
> I've settled my master adding the following lines:
> replogfile  /var/lib/ldap/slapd.replog
> replicationinterval 60
> ### Replica Server
> replica host=x.y.z.w:389
>     suffix="dc=domain
>     binddn="cn=Manager,dc=domain
>     credentials=secrets
>     bindmethod=simple
>     tls=no
> Then I set my slave adding the following lines
> updatedn    "cn=Manager,dc=domain"

Does this DN exist on the slave? Are you abusing the rootdn (bad), or have you 
created a separate DN for replication?

You also need to have updateref set for replication to work.

> access to *
>         by dn="cn=Manager,dc=domain" write
>         by * read
> Then I've dumped my master database by doing:
> slapcat -l salida.ldif
> Didi a shutdown of my master server And Imported it into my slave
> slapadd -c  -v -l arbol.ldif
> then I've started both the master and the slave, then slurpd on the master.

Are the files in the "replica" directory (not sure where SuSE puts it) being 
created? What does slurpd.status say? Is slurpd.replog being populated?

> I've changed registers in the master but replication is not working. Any
> ideas to debug this will be highly appreciated

What do the logs on the slave say? If necessary change the log level. 256 
should show any ADD/MOD/DEL failures.

Are you getting reject files on the master? Are the reasons reported in the 
reject file? If so, what are they? Have you tested by sending the reject file 
to the slave with ldapmodify (using the same authentication details you have 
configured for the replica in the master slapd.conf)? What errors do you get?


Buchan Milne
ISP Systems Specialist

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