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Re: question about password policy

--On Wednesday, May 03, 2006 7:11 AM -0500 Israel Garcia <igalvarez@gmail.com> wrote:

Quanah, thanks foryour help.. I am running the same the version redhat
ships in redhat enterprise linux 4, I think is openldap-2.2, i dont
believe it is a beta version.. my problem is that i need some policy
of strong password (slapo-ppolicy)  that this version redhat ships in
RHEL4 does not have. That's why I am looking for another ldap server
(on unix).

what do you recommend me? compile openldap 2.3.21 (stable version)??

You have 3 options:

1) Build it yourself
2) Use the Mandrive RPM's from Buchan Milne
3) Use Symas CDS Silver, which may or may not have ppolicy in it, or purchase Symas CDS gold.

Please keep responses to the list.


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