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Re: slamd templates making stange errors

> Well, it would appear that openldap might be throwing error=20 a > little too liberally:

No, SLAMD is generating an invalid ASN.1 encoding of the entry here.
Note that X.500 defines an "entry" to be a SET of attributes;
mathematically, in sets, elements are unique - can only appear once.
This is explicitly stated in X.501 "All attributes in an entry shall be
of distinct attribute types." The ASN.1 definition for the Add operation
(RFC2251) says:

        AddRequest ::= [APPLICATION 8] SEQUENCE {
                entry           LDAPDN,
                attributes      AttributeList }

        AttributeList ::= SEQUENCE OF SEQUENCE {
                type    AttributeDescription,
                vals    SET OF AttributeValue }

The proper way to encode a single attribute with multiple values is to
include the "type" once, followed by all of the multiple values. SLAMD
is sending the type multiple times, with one value each time, which is
clearly an invalid encoding.

Hi Matt,

This is actually a bug with SLAMD, and not OpenLDAP.  Symas has been aware
of it for some time, and will be submitting a fix back to Neil.


He actually sent me a fix about ten minutes ago. His fix is for 2.0 branch of slamd, and I'm testing it on 1.8 (it's not working yet), but let's see if we can get him involved in this thread and we can figure it out. I'm cc-ing him, and pasting in initial replies. (he already has my initial posts)