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Re: core dump with syncrepl in 2.3.20 and 2.3.21

Quanah Gibson-Mount wrote:

--On Friday, April 28, 2006 8:17 AM -0700 Marc MacIntyre <marcmac@zimbra.com> wrote:

Running a bdb backend and sync replication, I was getting a core dump on
the consumer whenever there was a modify or delete on the producer
(though NOT on add).  I traced it to the lack of a "searchbase" entry in
the consumer's slapd.conf - adding searchbase="" seems to have fixed the
problem.  (Happened with db

As a side note, they are using "" as their suffix for their database. Since "" is the suffix for the rootDSE, I would think this would cause all sorts of problems.

No, in fact using syncrepl with a suffix of "" (and non-base scope) is supposed to work. There were a few discussions about this a year or so ago and a couple ITS's on it. In fact my test of the current code with suffix "" worked just fine, admittedly on an x86-64 box which is more cavalier about passing NULL pointers around than Sparc/Solaris systems.

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