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Re: multiple subordinates and shm_key - not a good idea

Quoting matthew sporleder <msporleder@gmail.com>:

> On 4/27/06, matthew sporleder <msporleder@gmail.com> wrote:

> Also, my initial read testing showed equal performance for shm vs
> non-sham (mmap?).  And my write test didn't seem to be working at all,
> but that could be something with how I tried to setup slamd.  I will
> pursue this issue a little more, and see if I can come up with an ITS.
>  (I'll probably just stick with non-shm, though)

Okay.  I haven't tested non-SHM with BDB 4.4.20 yet, but I'd be surprised if
it behaved differently than BDB 4.2.X did, which was terrible in comparison
to using SHM.  I may be able to get some slamd numbers on it later next

> Can I move away from shm without reimporting my database?  Something
> like delete that config and then db_recover/restart openldap?
> (possibly delete my log.* and __db*)

stop slapd
change slapd.conf
db_recover -h <databasedir>
start slapd


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