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Re: multiple subordinates and shm_key - not a good idea

Quoting matthew sporleder <msporleder@gmail.com>:

> So my questions so far:
> So is this a bug because I'm using bdb4.4.20?

Possibly.  I note that the recommended version of BDB remains at
4.2.52+patches.  4.4.20+ has looked promissing so far.

> Should I just add db_recover to my init script?  I thought openldap
> 2.3 was supposed to handle that. (init.c does mention recover in the
> shm section, so I'm at a bit of a loss)

On my systems, at least, OpenLDAP does handle this correctly.  However, I am
only using a single shared memory segment, and I'm using BDB 4.2.52.

Based off the configuration you sent in, I'm not exactly clear why you set
up so many subordinate databases instead of just using a single database. 
Certainly your performance would improve by using a single database, and
you'd get better resource usage...


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