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Reps with slurpd->About referrals and ldap client

Perhaps someone could clarify me some concepts about referrals and ldap clients.
The master (main building) and slave (remote building) are working and slaves replicates as it should.
All my desktops users runs Wxp with pgina and ldapauth plugin.
In the http://www.bind9.net/manual/openldap/2.3/replication.html example its says:
1-The LDAP client submits an LDAP modify operation to the slave slapd.
2-The slave slapd returns a referral to the LDAP client referring the client to the master slapd.
3-The LDAP client submits the LDAP modify operation to the master slapd.
4-The master slapd performs the modify operation, writes out the change to its replication log file and returns a success code to the client.
5-The slurpd process notices that a new entry has been appended to the replication log file, reads the replication log entry, and sends the change to the slave slapd via LDAP.
6-The slave slapd performs the modify operation and returns a success code to the slurpd process.

Users in remote building should auth against local server cause an slow wan connection.
But....the user in the remote building cant change its passw, due to the referral thing.
In this case, the ldap client (pgina) "should notice" this referral and make the changes in the master without user intervention?
Should i use another ldap-client? any idea which one?
There is another way to work around this?
and how can i config slapd to only store passwords in md5 or crypt?

Thnxs in adv for any help.