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Shell backend: read_and_send_results

>Timur Izhbulatov writes:
>> I'm running openldap-2.3.20 from FreeBSD 6.1-prerelease ports. The
>> slapd server is configured to run my backend shell script. But the
>> server fails to parse my output.
>> (...)
>> The slapd log looks like this:
>> (...)
>> Apr 13 13:53:17 fbsd slapd[71478]: shell search reading line (RESULT
>> )
>It works with OpenLDAP HEAD, and the code has not been changed

Very strange.
Are you test it?

>However OpenLDAP outputs
>shell search reading line (RESULT
>so it looks like the FreeBSD folks have fixed that with a patch which
>replaces the newline with space.  If they did that naively, they also
>concatenate the lines with spaces instead of newlines between them and
>feed that to slapd's entry parser.  That's not likely to work...

In freebsd ports no patch for this.

I test it issue today on linux RHEL3.
openldap 2.3.11

Apr 14 09:47:17 archive slapd[24980]: => str2entry: "dn: cn=Boris
Norris,o=oilspace-shell cn: Boris Norris  " 
Apr 14 09:47:17 archive slapd[24980]: shell search reading line
Apr 14 09:47:17 archive slapd[24980]: shell search reading line (code:
0 ) 
Apr 14 09:47:17 archive slapd[24980]: shell: fgets failed: Success (0) 

I get same result as Timur.

shell backend have error and it's not new error.

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