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Re: slapcat old and new + schema conflicts

On Thu, Apr 13, 2006 at 09:21:33AM -0400, matthew sporleder wrote:
> I am attempting to use slapcat to create an ldif of my 2.1 database. 
> When I use the modern (2.3.21) slapcat on my 2.1 database, it
> complains about schema conflicts.  The 2.1 version, however, does not
> complain.  (This is also true of slapd, which is a little more
> expected)
> Should I work on resolving these scehma conflicts and use the 2.3
> slapcat, or will the 2.1 slapcat-generated-ldif be fine for the 2.3
> slapadd if I resolve the conflicts with the config file/directory I'm
> using for 2.3. (assuming I delete the entryCSN's)
> slapcat(2.1) -f 2.1.config.conf -l output.ldif
> slapadd(2.3) -f 2.3.config.conf

I think, the database itself should only be touched by the version of
openldap it was created for! Of course for normal LDAP protocol, the
client will talk with the ldap server, so only slapd will interact with
the database backend directly. But, utilities like slapcat, and slapadd
access database directly, so it should be only used with databases it was
created by/for that version. Especially if there's major difference between
version numbers ... This opinion of me of course a big "as far as I know" 
type answer :)

- Gábor