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Re: Shell backend: read_and_send_results

Timur Izhbulatov writes:
> I'm running openldap-2.3.20 from FreeBSD 6.1-prerelease ports. The
> slapd server is configured to run my backend shell script. But the
> server fails to parse my output.
> (...)
> The slapd log looks like this:
> (...)
> Apr 13 13:53:17 fbsd slapd[71478]: shell search reading line (RESULT )

It works with OpenLDAP HEAD, and the code has not been changed recently.
However OpenLDAP outputs

shell search reading line (RESULT

so it looks like the FreeBSD folks have fixed that with a patch which
replaces the newline with space.  If they did that naively, they also
concatenate the lines with spaces instead of newlines between them and
feed that to slapd's entry parser.  That's not likely to work...