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Re: Consumer retry with delta-syncrepl

Howard Chu wrote:
Jan-Piet Mens wrote:
FWIW, if an entry on the provider is modified every two minutes,
the consumer doesn't stop (have been monitoring this for about
seven days). OTOH, an update every five minutes is not sufficient,
and the consumer "falls asleep" and doesn't sync with the provider
any longer.

It sounds to me like one of your intervening routers is aging out and killing the connection without sending a TCP Reset to both sides. Since you're running in refreshAndPersist mode, the consumer normally would keep a connection open to the provider at all times. As such, it won't retry anything unless it actually detects that the connection has closed. You might try letting the 5 minute span pass while running tcpdump to monitor all of the traffic, and see what exactly happens to the syncrepl connection.

PS - for situations like this where the network is a suspect, you need to monitor the traffic independently at both ends of the connection.

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