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Re: Consumer retry with delta-syncrepl

FWIW, if an entry on the provider is modified every two minutes,
the consumer doesn't stop (have been monitoring this for about
seven days). OTOH, an update every five minutes is not sufficient,
and the consumer "falls asleep" and doesn't sync with the provider
any longer.

On Fri Mar 31 2006 at 08:32:40 CEST, Jan-Piet Mens wrote:

> I'm noticing that a slapd consumer (OpenLDAP 2.3.20) located at the
> end of an Internet connection with high latency and rather low bandwidth
> (somewhere along the lines of 64kbit) isn't retrying connections to
> the slapd provider. My configuration is
> syncrepl rid=120
>         provider=ldaps://ldap.example.com:636/
>         type=refreshAndPersist
>         interval=00:00:15:00
>         retry="60 10 600 +"
>         searchbase="o=example"
>         scope=sub
>         schemachecking=off
>         logbase="cn=accesslog"
>         logfilter="(reqResult=0)"
>         syncdata="accesslog"
>         bindmethod=simple
>         binddn="cn=syncrepl,ou=accounts,o=example"
>         credentials="secret"
> The last 'syncrepl_message_to_op' in slapd'd log is dated 19:00 hours,
> (I checked at 07:30 the next morning). Stopping the slapd consumer and
> restarting it, causes replication to start up again.
> Is there any magic I can apply on the consumer slapd (such as giving it
> a signal) to get the replication to kick in again?
> Thanks & regards,
> 	-JP