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Re: alias in core.schema - 2.2.29 FC3

Wes Rogers writes:
> I'm trying to add aliases to openldap 2.2.29 (FC3), and
> I see the schema entries commented out in core.schema:
> #attributetype ( NAME ( 'aliasedObjectName' 'aliasedEntryName' )
> (...)
> why are they commented out?

Because the definitions are hard-coded in schema_prep.c.

> Obviously uncommenting them results in duplicate attr types and obj
> classes errors, but I'm not sure how to proceed after that.

Just leave them commented out.  And use the schema files from the same
OpenLDAP version as the slapd executable, in case you didn't do that.

Also remember that alias entries follow the same rules that other
attributes: They must have a structural class (alias or a subclass of
it), the attributes in the RDN must also exist in the entry (e.g. the
alias uid=wrogers,dc=example,dc=com must contain 'uid: wrogers'),
and they must contain an object class which allows that attribute
(e.g. extensibleObject).