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alias in core.schema - 2.2.29 FC3

If I am overlooking something, or if I need to RTFM more, just let me
know; but I've googled for awhile and can't find anything on this.

I'm trying to add aliases to openldap 2.2.29 (FC3), and I see the
schema entries commented out in core.schema :

#attributetype ( NAME ( 'aliasedObjectName' 'aliasedEntryName' )
#       DESC 'RFC2256: name of aliased object'
#       EQUALITY distinguishedNameMatch

#objectclass ( NAME 'alias'
#       DESC 'RFC2256: an alias'
#       SUP top STRUCTURAL
#       MUST aliasedObjectName )

why are they commented out?  Obviously uncommenting them results in
duplicate attr types and obj classes errors, but I'm not sure how to
proceed after that.