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Re: Duplicating OpenLDAP Database.

> I am maintaining a OpenLDAP database. With my appliaction database
> requirements, I had to duplicate database of LDAP.
> That is I had to transfer data  from LDAP Database to MYSQL with different
> schema and more important at real time updation of the MySql database.
> I initially did by constant polling the LDAP database and updating MySQL
> but does not seem to be viable approach.
> Can anybody help me out with better approach?
> Can this be done with Syncrepl?

In principle, you should be able to do something like that using a
consumer slapd that stores data in a back-sql database.  This is not going
to be trivial, because you need to design a back-sql schema mapping that
is compatible with the layout of the data in the master slapd, and filter
out what you don't want to replicate using the "searchbase", "filter" and
"attrs" parameters of syncrepl.

Note that I have never tested anything like that (I don't really feel the
need), so I'm not promising it works out of the box.

The only other alternative I see is to develop an overlay with some
specific code that intercepts writes to slapd and propagates them to your
RDBMS according to your needs.


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