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Re: slapd fails after timezone change

At 11:50 AM 3/29/2006, John Madden wrote:
>> Mucking with your system clock, especially moving time backwards,
>> can cause all kinds of problems.  In slapd(8), I would expect
>> problems in replication subsystems and possibly BDB.  Simply
>> don't unnecessarily muck with your system clock, and if you
>> have to muck for some reason, be careful.
>I didn't muck with my system clock, I just changed the timezone of the machine 
>from EST to EST+DST.

As discussion of time management in computer systems is
beyond the scope of this list, I will simply note that
you should consider the impact of the time zone change 
you made in terms to universal (or global) time (time in
the GMT zone).  In particular, whether the change from EST
to EST-DST caused the either the kernel or processes to
view universal time, as reported by the "system clock",
as being shifted by one hour.