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Re: slapd fails after timezone change

At 10:41 AM 3/24/2006, John Madden wrote:
>Indiana's going through the transition of switching to DST, the easiest way to 
>accomplish this of course being switching the timezone of your machines to 

Your assertion that this is the "easiest way" is quite debatable.
The easiest way, I would think, is to let your operating system
handle the transition.  Most modern operating systems do so quite
nicely.  I cannot recall the last time I had to take any action
to affect a transition to or from DST.  (I just set my hardware
clocks to GMT and let the operating system (kernel and/or
userland) convert as necessary to produce local time.)

Mucking with your system clock, especially moving time backwards,
can cause all kinds of problems.  In slapd(8), I would expect
problems in replication subsystems and possibly BDB.  Simply
don't unnecessarily muck with your system clock, and if you
have to muck for some reason, be careful.

- Kurt

>This apparently causes slapd (2.3.17 at the moment) to become 
>unhappy upon restart.  Any idea why?  Increasing loglevels and such doesn't 
>seem to help; it never gets to the point of accepting connections.  Is it 
>more a bdb problem?
>John Madden
>Sr. UNIX Systems Engineer
>Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana