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Re: What does "Key/data pair already exists -30996" mean?

--On Monday, March 20, 2006 4:13 PM +1200 max williams <max.williams@alliedtelesyn.co.nz> wrote:

I am using slapd 2.2.23 and I'm trying to add a couple of users to the
directory but it fails like this: [root@destroyo scripts]# ldapadd -f
tmp.ldif -x -D cn=root,dc=cave,dc=alliedtelesyn,dc=co,dc=nz -WEnter LDAP
Password:adding new entry "cn=Frank
Wei,ou=People,dc=cave,dc=alliedtelesyn,dc=co,dc=nz"ldap_add: Already
exists (68)  So I thought well perhaps its already in the directory but
there is no "Frank" from slapcat at all:
[root@destroyo scripts]# slapcat|grep Frank
[root@destroyo scripts]#

Are you sure the database you are adding *to* is empty?

So I check the ldap logs and there is this entry:
Mar 20 15:12:26 destroyo slapd[6854]: => bdb_dn2id_add: put failed:
DB_KEYEXIST: Key/data pair already exists -30996I can browse my directory
with a gui and this entry is not present. I've never run into this error
before.What causes this and what does it mean?TIA Max

It means the data already exists in the database. You probably didn't delete everything that was already there.


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