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What does "Key/data pair already exists -30996" mean?

I am using slapd 2.2.23 and I'm trying to add a couple of users to the directory but it fails like this:
[root@destroyo scripts]# ldapadd -f tmp.ldif -x -D cn=root,dc=cave,dc=alliedtelesyn,dc=co,dc=nz -WEnter LDAP Password:adding new entry "cn=Frank Wei,ou=People,dc=cave,dc=alliedtelesyn,dc=co,dc=nz"ldap_add: Already exists (68)
 So I thought well perhaps its already in the directory but there is no "Frank" from slapcat at all:
[root@destroyo scripts]# slapcat|grep Frank
[root@destroyo scripts]#

So I check the ldap logs and there is this entry:
Mar 20 15:12:26 destroyo slapd[6854]: => bdb_dn2id_add: put failed: DB_KEYEXIST: Key/data pair already exists -30996I can browse my directory with a gui and this entry is not present. I've never run into this error before.What causes this and what does it mean?TIA

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