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Re: OpenLDAP performance vs. PostgreSQL

> I've only got the 20000 simple entries. I've narrowed it down to only one
> integer attribute now and increased the cache to 100Mb, but it's still much
> slower than DBD::Pg.

...And what version of openldap are you running again?

To give you some idea of what you'll be able to do with the proper 
configuration: our directory hear is about 300,000 objects, each holding a 
couple dozen attributes.  With a loglevel of 256, we regularly serve 5000 
requests/sec on a dual Xeon 3.0.  I'm sure I could do better with some 
tweaking, too, but it hasn't been necessary.  (And we use a 3GB bdb cache, 
btw, although that's obviously not all consumed -- but with 8GB RAM...)


John Madden
Sr. UNIX Systems Engineer
Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana