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Re: Need some help setting up replication.


> updateref       ldap://replic.domain-name.com


> I am not seeing the master database being replicated.

You never will. The updateref refers your client updates to the Master
server. The above URI isn't your master ;-)

It works like it says in the below link.

1. Client issues an update request to your Slave server.
2. Your Slave server says, "I don't take updates, speak to the Master",
and gives your client the updateref URI.
3. The Master says, "Yes please, I'll take that."
4. Slurpd sees the changes the Master has written to the Replication log,
and then writes those changes back to the Slave servers, using whatever
updatedn you have given in your Master slapd.conf (which shouldn't be your
rootdn, but someone that has complete write access).

Simple ;-)

> What is the proper configuration for a simple master - replication setup?

The proper way is at:



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