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Access to monitorIsShadow

I'm trying to determine whether a particular suffix on a particular server 
is a master or a slave (ITS #3696).  I thought I could do something like:

% ldapsearch -LLL -h mippet -b cn=Databases,cn=Monitor \
  "(&(structuralObjectClass=monitoredObject)(namingContexts=dc=id,dc=cordoors,dc=dev))" \

and various other combinations, to no avail.  Instead I found I had to use 
a specific DN:

% ldapsearch -LLL -h mippet -b cn=Database\ 2,cn=Databases,cn=Monitor monitorIsShadow
dn: cn=Database 2,cn=Databases,cn=Monitor
monitorIsShadow: TRUE

Is this right?

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