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Access control in slapd.conf


I would like to do a specific task, but i don't now if it's possible...

I have a mailboxes object. 
In my schema, there is a mailboxOwner Attribute which show the dn of the 
Mailbox Owner.
I would that this user could modify the attributes of all his mailboxes 
(mailboxes where mailboxOwner DN is his dn)...

The tree look like this
 ---- ou=domain1.com
       |          |---uid=mailbox1,ou=mail,ou=domain1.com,dc=foo,dc=bar
       |                  | ----- ...
       |                  | ----- mailboxOwner=uid=smith,ou=people,\
       |                  |                       ou=domain1.com,dc=foo,dc=bar

Is it possible to give the owner the rights to modify all the attributes of 
his mailboxes using only ACL in slapd.conf?

Thanks for your help.