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Re: openldap bench / stress free tools

Buchan Milne wrote:

Shouldn't your size limit for unauthenticated searches be lower?

It the slapd.conf sizelimit parameter ? it it set to 10000 but I wasn't aware that is was for unauthnticated search !.

Why are openldap and ldap2 so slow? Does the hardware differ so much? Or is it tuning (index, DB_CONFIG. limits)?

openldap server pIII 900 Mhz with 512M Ram, ldap1 P4 3Ghz 3G Ram ,and better disks -> far better !

openldap erver slapd.conf
sizelimit       10000
cachesize 3000
index   objectClass,uid,uidNumber,gidNumber,IntEPersInetServ,mailHost   eq
index   cn,mail,surname,givenname               eq,subinitial

ldap1 slapd.conf: sizelimit 10000 cachesize 1000 index objectClass,uid,uidNumber,gidNumber,IntEPersInetServ eq index cn,mail,surname,givenname eq,subinitial

same DB_CONFIG on both servers .
set_lg_max 10485760
set_lg_bsize 204800
set_cachesize 0 8192000 1

I will probably add the displayName index as outlook searches for it and see if it's better, but I suppose that most of the slow outlook clients might point to my "openldap" slow server instead of my rapid ldap1 server replica ...