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Re: updateref not working

Sean Hussey wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> We're on OpenLDAP 2.2.29, but we've had this problem since 2.2.17 (or
> so).  Our master is configured to replicate to the slaves via slurpd. 
> That works.
> What doesn't work is having the slaves update the master when a change
> comes through.  As far as I know, these are the configurations we
> need:
> Slave servers:
> updatedn        "uid=replica,dc=host,dc=com"
> updateref       ldap://ldapmaster.host.com
> Master server:
> replica         uri=ldap://ldapchild1.host.com:389
>                 suffix="dc=host,dc=com"
>                 binddn="uid=replica,dc=host,dc=com"
>                 credentials=secret
>                 bindmethod=simple
>                 tls=yes
> uid=replica is the rootdn of the slaves.  On the slaves, rootpw is an
> MD5 hash.  On the master, the credentials are plaintext.  Could that
> be the issue?

Not likely.  Do you understand how things operate when a write attempt
is made to a slave?  I.e., do you understand what referrals are, and,
more importantly, does the client software trying to make the write to
the slave understand referrals?